Just A Little Prick

An antibody test kit

The London Medical Laboratory says people waiting for their booster should consider taking a finger prick antibody test – especially as, when it comes to self-isolating, few of us believe other people will do the right thing.

92% of people say they will self-isolate after a positive Covid test but only 65% think other people will

Dr. Quinton Fivelman, PhD, the Chief Scientific Officer at London Medical Laboratory says: “We’ve seen a marked decline in antibody levels in recent weeks amongst those people taking our antibody level test, whether via finger prick at home or in one of our clinics. This has been the case particularly amongst those patients aged over 50. We are concerned that these people may now not have adequate protection against contracting the virus again – especially as Omicron is now so virulent.

“New ONS data also revealed that, even though 92% of people say they and their family members would isolate after a positive test, only 65% of respondents believed other people would do the same.”


Human nature

Fivelman adds: “That says a lot about human nature but it also shows that many of us are worried about the behaviour of other people as the pandemic continues. Many people fear that there has been a general lessening of precautions as time has gone on.

“If anyone is concerned about their own immune response to the jabs and how well they continue to produce antibodies, the new generation blood tests available from London Medical Laboratory are highly accurate, quick and simple to carry out, either in their own home through the post or at one of the many drop-in clinics which offer this test across London and the southeast.

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Picture: An antibody test kit.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
15th December 2021


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