New Roofing Concept Achieves Verification

A roof being installed

Ultrapanel Technologies has become the first ‘room in the roof' specialist in the UK to secure both BBA Certification and the NHBC Accepts mark for its offsite manufactured Ultrapanel roofing system.

Ultrapanel is a newly patented technology that delivers verified fire, weathertight, thermal and structural performance.

Tried and tested by one of the most prominent housebuilders - the UK manufactured Ultrapanel room in the roof system can be installed by a team of three in just one day. The highly adaptable offsite manufactured roofing system has been designed to increase return on investment by reducing build times.

BBA Certification looked at how individual elements performed as well as testing the complete unitised system to certify that it meets the requirements of Building Regulations.


 “BBA Certification and NHBC Accepts verification demonstrate that Ultrapanel not only meets industry standards but has also undergone independent third-party testing and is covered by NHBC warranties.x”

– Andrew Thomson 

Design & Development Director, Ultrapanel Technologies



NHBC Accepts

NHBC Accepts is a comprehensive review service for systems that builds confidence in the use of offsite construction techniques among developers, manufacturers and end users. Launched in 2020, it offers a fast-track route to acceptance, in recognition of the growing importance of modern methods of construction.

Picture: 1 - Ultrapanel roof units; 2 - integrated gable ladder; 3 - steel clips 'zip' the panels together; 4 - eaves bean strapped to cavity wall; 5 - Ultrapanel spandrel panel with membrane; 6 - soffit fixtures ready for facia board.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th April 2021


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