Recycling And All That Jazz

Window recycler CNC Recycling now has  a recycling facility that can sort both clean white and jazz (coloured) post-industrial and post-consumer PVC-U.

Installation of a Delta Cleaner, Hamos EKS electrostatic separator and CIMBRIA colour sorting equipment completes the first phase of the £2m install, with an integration of a Hamos KWS unit to follow in April.

The installation of the new plant and equipment will allow for the final processing of PVC-U that can go straight back into extrusion.



The introduction of the Hamos separators will achieve PVC-U purities of 99.5% in one pass. The CIMBRIA colour sorting system which is equipped with high resolution trichromatic cameras separates colour impurities still remaining in the material, so that the PVC-U is refined to the highest possible quality ready for extrusion.


 “The investment was the next natural step in our recycling process to create a closed loop . One of the big hurdles in reuse is processing PVC-U so that it can be used effectively into the extrusion of new products.”

– Melanie Coates 

Managing director, CNC Recycling


Metals and pedals

CNC Recycling has also made a lot of investment over the last 12 months into additional shredding/granulation/washing and separation steps to recover ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel from the waste streams as well as stones, glass and other impurities.

The company has added three new tractor units and trailers to its fleet complete with Terberg truck mounted forklift trucks. Ten new smaller collection vehicles have also been added, bringing the firm’s total fleet count to 40 vehicles.

These are all covered with a new digital paperless waste transfer note system designed specifically for CNC by My Data Crate ensuring all their suppliers are compliant with the necessary legislation.


CNC Recycling signs up for the FIT Show

CNC Recycling will be at the FIT Show in May this year on

Stand U40 in Hall 9.


Picture: CNC Recycling has made a £2 million investment in its PVC-U and associated metals recycling plant.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th March 2023


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