Site Operating Procedures – Version 4 Published

From the cover of Working safely during COVID-19 construction outdoors.

Site Operating Procedures have been updated to incorporate a number of technical changes as a result of recently published government guidance.

The guidance refers to Working Safely During COVID-19 – Construction & Other Outdoor Work. They were published on 19 May.


The changes are minimal and include:

  • Removal of the requirement for face to face contact to be kept to 15 minutes or less.

  • The section on PPE now links to the latest government guidance on face coverings.

  • References to one-way systems and the reconfiguration of seating and tables and an update on portable toilets.

  • The requirement to share risk assessments with the workforce.

  • Clarification on when to travel to work, as set out in the government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy.

  • Updated links and wording on social distancing.


The Construction Leadership Council has updated its Site Operating Procedures (version 4). To view it - Click Here


Version 4 updates When to Travel to Work, Travel to Work, Driving at Work, Site Access and Egress Points, Hand Washing, Toilet Facilities, Canteens and Rest Areas. Changing Facilities, Showers & Drying Rooms, Planning to Avoid Close Working, First Aid & Emergency Service Response and Cleaning.


A spokesperson for the Contraction Leadership Council said: "Where workers enter people’s homes, they should follow the guidance on Working in Other People’s Homes.

"The HSE is the relevant enforcing authority for occupational health and safety legislation and guidance to control public health risks in the construction sector. If a site is not consistently implementing the measures set out by the government, it may be subject to enforcement action.

"Construction sites operating during the Coronavirus pandemic need to ensure they are protecting their workforce and minimising the risk of spread of infection. This includes considering how personnel travel to and from site."


Social distancing

Government guidance for employers in England states 'where the social distancing guidelines cannot be followed in full in relation to a particular activity, businesses should consider whether that activity needs to continue for the business to continue to operate and if so, take all the mitigating actions possible to reduce the risk of transmission between staff'.

Sites should also remind the workforce at every opportunity of the Site

Operating Procedures which are aimed at protecting them, their colleagues, families and the UK population.


Picture: From the cover of Working safely during COVID-19 construction outdoors.


For working in people's homes - Click Here



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
26th May 2020


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