Talking Trade Shows - Excitement Building For FIT 2021

Giovanni Laporta from Smart ready being interviewed

Smart Ready MD Giovanni Laporta, FIT Show Event Director, Nickie West and Amy Jansen from Brouha Marketing talk about the importance of innovation within the world of Trade Shows.

The trio agreed that what drives momentum for exhibitions is the desire to improve as well as to discover something new - shows such as FIT are an integral part of motivating such innovation within an industry. By opening their doors to thousands of people over the three days, companies are driven by that deadline to be ready - to have something to show that makes their investment worthwhile and capitalise on the wide reaching connections they will make.


Innovation is the draw

Laporta, West and Jansen also came to the conclusion that innovative companies and their products are what can bring colour and excitement to the atmosphere of a show, as well as bringing visitors back each year. With a combination of ground-breaking new products, stand design, visitor engagement and user experience, trade shows can be confident that having innovators such as Smart Ready appearing will elevate the overall show.

“From a visitor perspective … [Smart Ready] gave people a really strong reason to come back again the next time because they saw innovation, physically. Visitor retention is massively important for shows, so the fact that we know that [Smart Ready] will bring visitors back is vital,” says West.

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Stand design lets the product shine

In stand design, it is not enough to impress simply though size nor spectacle. If stand visitors are presented with too much information, they can become blinded to the essential message of a product and the innovation presented can lose its impact. Smart Ready has taken two stands at the show 2021 event. On past experience we know that those stand designs will feature stunning clean lines and complement and enhance Smart Ready's arrival in the market.


A calendar highlight

Fundamentally, the relationship between trade show and innovation is an essential one. Both Smart Ready and FIT Show 2021 can't wait for next year. With so much of 2020 having been spent apart, FIT Show 2021 is a beacon in the industry’s calendar as an opportunity to showcase the gains made since FIT 2019, to reconnect with peers and to learn from each other’s innovation.  

Picture: Giovanni Laporta, Nickie West and Amy Jansen chat about the relationship between innovation and trade shows.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
03rd September 2020


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