The Best Paint Colours For A Welcoming Hallway

The hallway is the first part of the home that people see when they walk through the front door – so shouldn’t door suppliers, especially those promoting colour, know the best ways to make one compliment the other?

The hallway can sets the scene for what a home is like throughout. Decorating and choosing the right paint colour can make all the difference in making a home seem more inviting to guests.

Hallways come in all different shapes and sizes. So, what works for one hallway may not work for another. Keep this in mind when advising a hallway paint colour.

This advice comes from Interior design expert Sylvia James at


James has created a guide on the best paint colours for a welcoming hallway:

Crisp White – bright white is a great choice for creating a welcoming, light hallway. It works very well in most spaces and goes well with most flooring types. It works particularly well if you have interesting or colourful flooring. If you have coloured tiles for your hallway flooring, crisp white is a brilliant option. White also works very well when combined with wooden flooring.

White will go very well with a wooden or wood coloured front door, although it is hard to find any door colour that would not work with white – or a shade of white. For example, a hint of pink in a white would go very well with a pink, red or lavender door.

However, it is worth advising to tone bright white down a bit by adding some artwork to the walls. A mirror can also be very useful. Plants in an all-white hallway are a great idea.

Lemon Yellow – is very similar to white in that it helps to reflect light throughout the hallway and make the space seem more open and airy. Lemon yellow is a great option if a householder wants to add some subtle colour to the space. White can sometimes feel a bit bland and clinical. Lemon yellow is a brilliant substitute.

This shade also blends well with many other colours as it's quite subtle in tone. This means that you can combine lemon-yellow walls with a range of flooring and entrance door options.

Pink – is playful. There are many different shades of pink. Blush pink or lighter, soft shades of pink are the best options. Hot pink could make a hallway seem too overwhelming no matter the colour of the front door.

Pinks work well with gold, silver, copper or brass. A metal mirror on the wall would work and a fluffy rug will add to the playful nature of this colour.


Neutral Shades

Neutrals can create a Scandi style, which works great in modern homes. Pair neutral walls with some pale woods and plenty of greenery for a nature-inspired hallway. The shade will suite a green door.


Botanical greens

Botanical greens are very in right now. You can pair a painted wall with a wallpapered botanical feature wall for extra effect. This design is a great way to create a seamless transition between the inside and the outside.

Botanical green walls work very well with light colours.



Grey doors are all the rage. Grey is a brilliant, versatile colour which works well in many settings. One could match a darker grey door with a lighter grey hallway. Grey can help to make the hallway feel relaxing and airy. It's a timeless colour with added elements of luxury and sophistication.


Picture: What’s a good colour for a hallway to go with your door installation?


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
25th January 2024


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