The Magic Breathing New Life Into Door Sales

A recent Ideal Home article reported that #wreathmaking (for door and not coffin decoration) received 29.7 million views on TikTok. So how many more door sales could you make with a magic wreath holder?

Apeer is the company behind the magic wreath holder – an invisible built-in magnet, that along with a wreath kit, holds wreaths securely in place.

MD Asa McGillian says: “Hanging wreaths on our front doors used to be something some of us did once a year at Christmas. However, the market has shifted significantly. We are increasingly seeing wreaths on doors all year round and even the traditional Christmas wreaths are expected to see an uplift in demand for the next few years. 

“The built-in magnets we have added to some of our doors are completely invisible because they are set within the core of the door. We have added two magnets to ensure that even larger wreaths are secure. The magnets and rubber dots included in every wreath kit make sure there will be no movement of the wreath on windy days to prevent the front door from being scratched.

“The magic wreath holder is available on 70mm and 120mm Apeer doors on a selected number of designs which can be found on our website.”


No need to hang from knockers

McGillian continues: “With such a significant increase in demand for wreaths we identified an opportunity on behalf of our installer customers because hanging this decorative item has its problems. Traditionally homeowners have been suspending them from their door knockers or pulling the string up and over the door from exterior to interior to hang it on a hook stuck to the inside of the door. Neither method is ideal as either the function or the aesthetic of the door is affected. Our invisible magnets make it easy for homeowners to hang as many different wreaths as they like on their door all year round, without compromise.

“Little extra touches like this magic wreath holder can make a big difference in helping our installer partners stand out from the competition and we are pleased to continue to stay ahead of market trends on behalf of our customers and the homeowners they serve.” 


Picture: The magic wreath Holder.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st March 2024


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