Unix Twin Arrissers Double Efficiency

A machine for arrissed glass

The new Twin from Ashton Industrial is a single machine with two opposing throats allowing simultaneous operation from both sides by separate operators, effectively doubling output of arrissed glass for tempering.

Constructed along the same heavy duty lines as  the Unix-Airflow and Unix BoB (Best of Both), the Twins are built to deliver professional results non-stop.

They feature the latest atomiser spray nozzles mixing a minimal volume of water with compressed air which just keep the belts lubricated without flooding the glass or the tables or the operators. All the edge quality benefits of wet arrissing combined with the effortless handling benefits of air floatation.

One set of Twins has shipped to Hartung Glass in the USA and Barber Glass in Canada is next in line.

A further set has been installed in the UK, at Vetroseal - see below.



Picture: The new Twin from Ashton Industrial.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
18th February 2021


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