Warming To Warm Roof

The NECS building group is the largest Certified Guardian warm roof fabricator in the UK – and it has its own network of approved installers who have all warmed to the profits that can be made with the system.

The company fabricates and builds each roof in its workshop before they are flat-packed and delivered to site. As a result of this, installers face few problems and the roofs are installed quickly and efficiently.

The warm roof is a conservatory roof replacement system designed to make conservatories more like extensions and to eliminate the problem via insulation of a conservatory being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Guardian’s offering consists of very few structural components. The prefabricated aluminium frame is lighter and stronger than wood frame systems and does not require specialist tooling for installation. It is designed to have minimal installation steps that reduce error margins and improve quality.

The system is fully tested by the BRE and is building regulation compliant for both new builds and refurbishments.

Throughout the fabrication process, NECS utilises software and fabrication tools provided by Guardian Building Systems. Enabling pre-cutting and structure mapping for the warm roof. The technology also ensures that the materials installers receive on-site can be installed in the correct order as they are unpacked. For instance, slates are pre-cut and coded for each roof and then packed in use order.

When building the warm roof in the workshop, NECS pre-cuts the insulation panels, so installers don’t need to measure and cut each piece on site. This saves time and reduces material waste.

NECS has a ‘Certified Guardian Warm Roof Installer’ network that offers members full system and sales training and building control approval for each project.


Picture: A typical Guardian roof fabricated by NECS and fitted by a Certified Guardian Warm Roof Installer.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
23rd March 2023


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