Bending Over Backwards

Sales of tilt-and-turn and reversible windows are strong, so fabricators that want to secure their status as suppliers of these products need a component supplier with great products and customer service, writes Carl F Groupco’s John Crittenden.

Tilt-and-turn and reversible windows have become the hallmark of contemporary architectural design and are more often the default window solutions for the commercial sector. So, when we see growing volume sales of hardware for these window styles, we know the commercial sector is performing well.

This is borne out by the statistics. In its summer 2023 UK Economics Report, RIBA says that there has been quarter-to-quarter comparative growth in the commercial, public non-housing (including schools and hospitals) and infrastructure. The repair and maintenance sectors have also seen growth.

We see from our own sales that social housing contracts are driving the growth for these hardware solutions, although we are also seeing an increase in demand for high-end architecture-led projects too.


Roto is our choice

With the volatility of the market, it comes as little surprise that RIBA is projecting a contraction in the construction industry this year before a return to growth in 2024, so it’s good to see there are still bright spots for the industry. However, to secure contracts in the strong sectors, having the right hardware to deliver on specification and value for money is vital.

For our customers, the hardware solutions from Roto have emerged frontrunners for both tilt-and-turn and reversible windows because of the functionality it delivers.

The Roto NT tilt-and-turn hardware system can achieve the most stringent security, operating convenience, durability and design requirements. It has a wide range of components and accessories, which allows windows to be customised to meet most project requirements, including additional PAS 24 compliant security and automation upgrades.

Components are modular and perfectly tailored to each other, offering many combinations to enable customers’ requirements to be met as flexibly as possible.


Guarantees and standards

For project peace of mind, there is a 10-year functional warranty on all component parts, and the RotoSil finish provides BS EN 1670 grade five corrosion resistance as standard.



Turning to reversible window hardware, the robust Roto FRH UNI reversible system has been designed for multi-storey public, commercial and residential buildings. The sash and frame details are the same for all window variants, allowing styles to be fitted without changing profile routing. This ensures a uniform aesthetic appearance on all window styles, enhancing a building’s envelope.

The Roto TSL espagnolette completes the reversible window offering, providing the same grade five surface finish with a PAS 24 compliant lock and a complete Roto hardware solution. These benefits help secure the hinge’s place as the market frontrunner for reversible window systems in the UK and is available exclusively through us.



We have worked with Roto for many years. It is a relationship that’s rooted in a shared commitment to add value to our customers. The Roto and Carl F Groupco teams support fabricators through their hardware transition as well as specification, testing, software set up and production optimisation.

To add further value, Roto works closely with us to ensure stock reliability, helping to give customers the peace of mind they need.


Roto from Carl F Groupco

The growth of sales in the commercial and social housing sectors is undoubtedly good news. At the same time, it is important to remember the volatility of the market. To protect your business and ensure you maximise your chances of remaining a longstanding approved commercial partner, it is vital to have the right products in your portfolio. When it comes to the hardware for tilt-and-turn and reversible windows the commercial and social housing sector relies on Roto from Carl F Groupco.


Picture: A tilt-and-turn window fabricated using Roto hardware supplier by Carl F Groupco.

Article written by John Crittenden
02nd October 2023


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