Getting A Lift - Garnalex Takes Combilifts For Factory Fitness

Garnalex has invested in Combilifts to achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency

Garnalex has invested in three Combilift multi-directional forklift trucks to its state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion factory work even fitter and faster.

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the factory became fully operational and was extruding for trade extrusion customers - with a schedule in place for producing components for the launch of the Sheerline window and door systems.


 “I’ve been using Combilifts for over 20 years. They’re instrumental in the smooth running of a factory. Our factory is 100,000sq.ft, so ensuring it’s designed to supply a full end-to-end service at all points of the process requires a co-ordinated approach.”

– Roger Hartshorn 

CEO, Garnalex



"Our new Combilifts integrate into the operation of the factory via our GarnerSys. It’s important for us to know exactly where our products are at all times - and with this system, we do," adds Hartshorn.

Developed by Garnalex’ in-house software team, GarnerSys is a bespoke management and tracking system  designed to seamlessly integrate all elements of the extrusion and manufacturing process.


In and out

The Combilifts are universal trucks that can be used both inside and outside to provide a high level of operational flexibility in all areas of this advanced factory.

Garnalex ordered two C4000 C-Series models, with four-ton lift capacities and one Combi-CB model, with 2,500Kg capacity painted in the special Garnalex livery colour and logo.

The two C4000 models are fitted with a 5.5m triplex mast enabling them to pass under low doorways, yet lift goods to high storage bays when extended.

All three Combilifts have multi-directional capability, enabling safe, space-saving handling and storage for long loads.


Returning customer

Combilift CEO and co-founder, Martin McVicar, says: “Roger was one of the first customers in the UK to recognise the qualities and benefits of our Combilift handling solutions when we launched our initial C-Series. We are very pleased that he has once again chosen products from our now much extended range.”

Picture: Garnalex has invested in Combilifts to achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
23rd April 2020


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