Profine Gets S&S From Garnalex In Challenging Times

Darrell Woodward, Garnalex UK Sales Manager and Mateusz Prudlo, Purchasing Manager, Profine.

Profine Extrusions UK says it has been getting great support and service since the systems company switched to source its aluminium profiles from Garnalex.

Profine, manufacturer of WarmCore, had been experiencing prolonged supply chain problems from China. Switching to UK-based aluminium extruder Garnalex Profine solved its problems within just a few weeks.

 “The recent support from Garnalex has meant we can continue to maintain our high level of service to customers. Instead of having to wait 12 weeks for supply from China.”

– Mateusz Prudlo 

Purchasing Manager, Profine


British manufacturing

“Garnalex cut the profile dies and supplied the profiles within just a few weeks. The quality of the manufactured product was great, as was the service and support throughout,” says Profine's Prudlo.

Roger Hartshorn, CEO of Garnalex, says: “Following the European Commission’s proposal to impose anti-dumping duties on imported aluminium from China, the support we provided to Profine highlights just how important it is to invest in British manufacturing and buy locally. Companies who buy from China can expect prices to increase, as well as the already long lead times. By extruding in the UK, we’re able to take full control of the supply chain and offer shorter lead times and outstanding quality and service. This is exactly what we provided to Profine.

"From its set up in 2018, we’ve invested heavily in Garnalex’ vertically integrated supply chain so we could provide this unprecedented level of service, quality and support. All raw aluminium logs are sourced from Wales which saves time, unnecessary carbon road miles and minimises the uncertainty of supply and quality. Garnalex is proud to be Made in Britain. It’s becoming clearer that it’s also prudent to make in Britain too."

Picture: Darrell Woodward, Garnalex UK Sales Manager and Mateusz Prudlo, Purchasing Manager, Profine.


Article written by John Roper
04th November 2020


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