Marching Boots On For Machinery Manufacturer

Jade Engineering, which manufactures machinery and machine tools for the UK window and door industry, has purchased a 30,000sq.ft HQ property which it  will march into from the end of 2023.

Located just metres from the company’s current main Coventry premises, the new building will allow most of the company’s operations and 50-plus staff to be located under the same roof, consolidated from three other sites currently. This includes machine tool manufacture and manufacturing operations for the company’s specialist, single purpose frame fabrication machines. Sheet metal production will continue in a separate 6,000sq.ft unit close by.



The new premises, which are located on a four-acre, secure site will encourage the natural efficiencies gained by consolidating key operations under a single roof, in addition to providing room for growth and space for new, complementary enterprises.

The building caps a five-year period during which a number of companies have been acquired, including SALtech Machinery and Edgwick Sheet Metal.

The company is run by Sean Mackey and Adam Jones, who have owned the business for the past 14 years.


Made in Britain

The partners believe that ‘Made in Britain’ provides substantially more than a sentimental catch phrase with the experiences of Covid still fresh in memories: “Covid and other global issues have combined to cause interruptions to imports, especially from the Far East, whilst we were able to continue virtually uninterrupted. Manufacturing everything locally has provided significant advantages,” says Mackey. “Jade Engineering has grown stronger through our ability to manufacture everything ourselves. Our new building will further strengthen our business by housing most of our operations under the one roof whilst also giving us room to expand.”


Picture: Jade Engineering's Sean Mackey (left) and Adam Jones.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th April 2023


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