Outdoor Living 100% Lifestyle Choice

Prefix Systems has launched the 100% campaign that will run across all advertising and social media channels communicate a broad product range that has ‘everything’ in it for an outdoor living lifestyle.

This includes the S2 glazed roof system, the award-winning WARMroof platform and the impressive Verandah.

S2 is being widely promoted as a 100% modern glazed roofing system, with bold, square cappings and a minimal number of components. It is based on a strong and proven chassis. It has also been designed to fit large spaces with relative ease, thanks to the box section eaves beam and integrated bolster.



WARMroof is designed to be 100% warm by eliminating the issues that some cold roofs are already beginning to suffer from. Tests have shown that a cold roof has a limited effect when it comes to addressing condensation, with the UK suffering from the build-up of condensation for three out of the four seasons on average.


100% inspired

Finally, the outdoor living range from Prefix will be promoted as 100% inspired, given the clever design detailing, offering both traditional and modern solution. Combined, the campaign shows the breadth of product solutions that have been designed and engineered by the Blackburn based business over the years.

Chris Baron, a director of Prefix Systems, says: ‘Our 100% campaign applies right across our expansive product offering and will resonate with both new and existing customers. We’ve got a product range that performs for today and tomorrow’s more demanding markets and that’s why we’ve been one of the most successful businesses in the outdoor living market over the last 27 years, but our eyes are firmly fixed on future partnerships with our installer base.”


Picture: Prefix has launched is 100% campaign.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
14th November 2023


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