Rays Awareness With Summer Song Quiz

To make construction workers aware of sun protection on building sites and the dangers of skin cancer, Keyfix is running a Rays Awareness campaign and offering fantastic prizes in its weekly Summer Song Quiz.

With UV rays at their highest from now until September, the Keyfix Rays Awareness campaign highlights why construction workers cannot afford to be complacent as they account for 44% of occupational skin cancer diagnosis and 42% of occupational skin cancer deaths each year – which equates to 21 deaths and 101 diagnoses.


Cover up

Keyfix is urging construction workers to keep their skin healthy for the long haul by keeping a shirt or top on when working outdoors, wearing a hat, covering-up and using sunscreen. The company also advises:

  • Apply sunscreen before you leave for work.

  • Reapply every two hours.

  • Apply two teaspoons of sunscreen to cover your head, arms and back.

  • Stay hydrated.


A Keyfix video offers tips to staying site safe in the sun.





As part of the Rays Awareness Campaign, Keyfix is running a summer song quiz with prizes. A couple of lines from a famous summer song will be provided but with one word missing. The player has to guess what the missing word is e.g. ‘Summer lovin’ _________ so fast.’

Entrants need to check Keyfix LinkedIn and Twitter for the weekly quiz (which will run the season) and can enter via social media for the chance to win.

They have the chance to win a summer bundle prize (each week) which includes - portable cooler, JBL portable speaker and Keyfix sunscreen.


For NHS advice on sunscreen and sun safety visit – Click Here



The Keystone Group, which includes Keyfix, is the UK’s largest steel lintel manufacturer and Europe’s fastest growing roof window manufacturer.


Picture: A promotion for Keyfix’ Rays Awareness campaign.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
14th July 2022


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