Self-Service Ordering & Tracking Available To Homeowners

Screenshot of Adminbase software

AdminBase has extended the functionality of its installer management system with the addition of a feature that allows retail customers to help themselves.

The new portal is offered to all new and existing users of the web based version of AdminBase at no additional cost.

By allowing customers to log in and track their order and carry out other key tasks for themselves, installers can free-up busy personnel for other tasks. Customers are happier because they enjoy immediate response any time of day and night.


Pre and post sale

Customers can also confirm survey and installation appointments and when their installation is complete, raise a service call for any post-installation snagging that may be required. Crucially, customers can also settle invoices through the facility, again providing convenience for the homeowner and saving time and effort for both customer and installer.

Installers control all information that is available through the portal. Once activated, all data is updated automatically as projects are progressed through AdminBase.

Picture: Customers can place and track orders via a new AdminBase addin.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th May 2021


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