Skeleton Crew Is An Installer's Mate

Rear view of a man wearing te MATE-XT exoskeleton

MATE-XT is Comau’s new rugged yet lightweight exoskeleton for indoor and outdoor use. It aims to reduce biomechanical risk for workers whilst increasing their productivity.

The exoskeleton which is designed to allow the wearer to work longer and harder now features a slim, highly breathable design with improved regulation settings. MATE-XT replicates the user’s physiological shoulder movements to provide optimal upper body support without batteries, motors or other failure-prone devices.

Featuring a slim, lightweight carbon fiber structure and an intuitive regulation system, the water, dust, UV-light and temperature resistant design can be quickly adjusted to fit virtually any body frame.

Moreover, it offers 8 different levels of assistance that can be quickly set – or changed – by the worker without interrupting the task at hand.


 “MATE-XT is an extension of our commitment to productivity and well-being in industrial, non-industrial and outdoor settings, which is a fundamental pillar of our HUMANufacturing approach”

– Pietro Ottavis 

Chief Technology Officer, Comau


Return On Investment

According to Ottavis MATE-XT is the only commercially-available exoskeleton with EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet) certification, attesting to its ability to reduce biomechanical loads during strenuous tasks. It also improves work quality and wellbeing in a consistent, efficient and ergonomic manner. This enables customers to calculate ROI with measurable ergonomic performance.

Based on studies conducted at customers’ sites using the EAWS worksheet, Comau estimates that the wearable exoskeleton can help workers increase accuracy during overhead tasks by 27% and execution speed by 10%. It can also reduce cycle times by at least 5%.

From an operational standpoint, MATE-XT facilitates increased precision, quality, and performance. It reduces shoulder muscle activity by 30% and diminishes the effort felt by workers, with more than 50% of workers reporting beneficial upgrades in job quality.

Ottavis continues: "We have reduced the weight and bulk of MATE-XT while increasing its performance to better meet the needs of the extended exoskeleton market.”

Comau manufactures advanced industrial automation products including industrial robots and wearable robotics.


Picture: MATE-XT is Comau’s new lightweight exoskeleton designed to protect a users body whilst doing more strenuous work.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
07th December 2020


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