Adapt & Survive - Those Who Dare Win

Brisant Secure's CEO, Nick Dutton

Supply problems will disrupt some business but a dependable supplier will have the resilience, agility, resources and daring to adapt and survive, writes Brisant Secure's Nick Dutton - and not let customers down.

Globally, supply chains are failing. China is facing an energy crisis - Goldman Sachs estimates 44% of China’s industrial activity has experienced regular blackouts.

The largest ports in the world are clogged with container ships and the supply problems of the past 18 months are forecast to continue.


So Suez!!!

In addition, businesses face unpredictable events. Brisant had a month’s worth of product aboard the Ever Given, the container ship which blocked the Suez Canal. It wasn’t a crisis because we didn’t run that tight but it could have been when the ship was impounded in Egypt for months.

Letting customers down was out of the question - we asked our manufacturing partners to remake it and air freighted it to the UK, so customers didn’t suffer any disruption.


Stocking fillers

Brisant’s new strategy is simple. We don’t rely on product stored on the other side of the world.  Our goods are in the UK. We have more than doubled UK stocks to 10 to 12 weeks of sales. When a Brisant customer orders, their requirement will be in the UK. This means customers get their orders on time and in full.

Picture: Brisant Secure's CEO, Nick Dutton



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
19th October 2021


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