Conservatory Drawing Service - Garden Rooms A Specialty

Giles Hayhurst

A new drawing service has been launched for  conservatory roof suppliers by Giles Hayhurst, formerly of Windowlink with orangeries and garden rooms a speciality.

According to Hayhurst, orangeries and garden rooms are particularly difficult because the roof or frame supplier won't know the details of walls or roof lantern  and so will be unable to produce drawings.

The services are specifically aimed at smaller companies that either do not have the time, expertise or necessary software to always do the drawings themselves.


 “Most roof suppliers will, when they have time, produce drawings for their own customers to pass on to the homeowner. However these won't be branded for the customer and often don’t carry any company details.”

–Giles Hayhurst 

MD, Conservatory Drawing Service



Hayhurst, was a distributor of Windowlink software. He initially offered the service via social media. However, a host of requests confirmed a need for the expertise and Conservatory Drawing Service took off.

Hayhurst adds: “Since then there’s been a steady stream even from those with software but insufficient time."



Conservatory Drawing Service produces seven sheet 'drawing sets' that include our customer's company colours and logo. Hayhurst says: "Some of the sketches and scribbles we are supplied with are really 'sketchy' but my expertise from both being in the industry since 1983 and knowledge of the software means that I’m always able to decipher what’s required."


Garden rooms and extensions

Hayhurst concludes: "There has been a steady stream of requests not only for conservatories and orangeries but also bespoke garden rooms and even a three-storey extension.

“Because I enjoy using the software so much I love producing these drawings our customers love them too and I can normally turn a job round within an hour or so”

Picture: Giles Hayhurst.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st January 2021


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