Fire Door Safety Week - Free Webinars

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Halspan, Arnold Laver and Lorient are to host a series of free webinars in support of Fire Door Safety Week which runs 21-27 September 2020.

Halspan's series is as follows:

21 Sept - Fire Resistance Built In. The crucial role of fire doors and fire door performance.

22 Sep - Fire Door Components & Testing. Looking in detail at the system of components that make up a fit-for-purpose fire doorset or door assembly, including door blanks and cores, hardware and seals.

23 Sep - Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance of Fire Doors. Critical to ensure fire doors perform as intended.

24 Sep - Building Fire Strategy and the Role of Fire Doors. A fire engineer’s perspective presented by fire engineer and industry expert Adrian Brown.

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Arnold Laver

Arnold Laver are running 5 x 30-40 minute webinar sessions with leading industry professionals throughout Fire Door Safety Week 2020 in order to highlight the critical role fire doors have in protecting property and saving lives.

The Fire Door Safety webinars are CPD accredited and will provide individuals with critical knowledge, latest industry insight and legislation from leading suppliers including Arnold Laver Intelligent Door Solutions Division, Lorient, Dormakaba, Pyroguard and Fire Door Inspect Ltd.

Each webinar sets out to inform those responsible for specifying, installing and maintaining passive fire protection methods, appropriate for anyone who has any influence over fire doors,

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Lorient is scheduling a collection of events and interactive seminars. An indicative fire test will be streamed live from the company's Testing & Technical Services centre in Devon via Click Meeting. The test will show the shocking difference between a sealed door versus an unsealed door - highlighting the critical role of intumescent seals.


Three live webinars will be presented by expert speakers with Q&As that include:

The Role and Performance of Fire & Smoke-Resisting Door Assemblies.

The Specification & Design of Air Transfer Grilles/Dampers.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and its implications for fire doors will feature throughout the week.

Lorient will be releasing a video of a Certificated Fire Door Inspector who will be carrying out a five step fire door check.

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Picture: Lorient is scheduling a collection of events and interactive seminars during Fire Door Safety Week.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
14th September 2020


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