Birmingham Fire Doors Market Heating Up

Shelforce has increased capacity for its fully compliant Fireshel 30-minute fire, smoke and security resistant door. By the beginning of September, the company was producing 200 doors a week to cope with rising demand in Birmingham alone.

After launching the Fireshel into the market in 2020, Shelforce was manufacturing 70 fire doors a week from a standing start, with an increase in capacity to produce 130 doors a week at the start of this year.


 “It doesn’t seem that long ago when we had to hit 130 doors a week. The demand for Fireshel has just continued to rise. We are getting busier and busier and have had to create more full-time jobs as a result.”

– Howard Trotter 

Business manager, Shelforce



“We recently welcomed a couple of competitors to come and have a look around our factory to see our employment model and the way we do things. In the end, one asked us if we could make the doors for them. We also have five tower blocks in the city to get stuck into from this month [September 2022] onwards, for both fire doors and windows.”

The tower block contracts include 6,000 fire doors for energy and regeneration specialists Equans and 2,500 for Fortem, which provides specialist property solutions.


Local authorities

The Fireshel is a good solution for local authorities who need fully EN tested 3rd party accredited, replacement fire door sets that are compliant with the latest 2020 MHCLG Annex A recommendations. All Fireshel fire doors have been fire and smoke tested from both the inside and outside and PAS 024 Security tested.

Picture: Shelforce is now producing 200 Fireshel fire doors a week.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
08th September 2022


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