Close The Door Is Fire Door Safety Message

Premdor Crosby, Door-Stop International and National Hickman, part of the Masonite Group, were the firms supporting Fire Door Safety Week which has just ended. The Week focused on the Close the Door campaign.

Door-Stop International shone the spotlight (and will continue to do so) on resident engagement and helping those responsible for fire safety within residential buildings to communicate with residents about fire doors.


 “It is important to educate every person within the fire safety chain to ensure they understand the key role that fire doors play in protecting people in the event of a fire.”

– Hannah Mansell 

Group technical director, Masonite Group


Talking to residents about fire doors

Under the Building Safety Act, it is now part of the ‘Principal Accountable Person’s’ legal obligation to ensure residents are informed about the safety of their building and this includes fire doors.

“Teaching people about fire doors shouldn’t be treated as a one-off task when a new resident moves in. Residents need to be regularly reminded about how a fire door system works, why fire doors are important, what a compliant fire door looks like (and what it shouldn’t look like) and how often fire doors are going to be checked,” says Masonite’s Mansell. “That’s why initiatives like Fire Door Safety Week are so important. It brings fire safety to the forefront and prompts people to carry out regular fire door checks, as well as tell them what they should do if they find something that isn’t right.”


Fire door safety webinars

Those who want to improve their understanding of fire door safety can now access on-demand webinars on the following topics:

  • Residents’ Engagement Strategy – talking to residents about fire doors.

  • Behind Closed Doors – managing fire door safety in purpose built flats.

  • The Consequences of Complacency.


To access the on-demand webinars – Click Here


Picture: Fire Door Safety Week has ended but the Close the Door campaign continues.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th November 2022


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