Sanity Saver In Pandemic Pandemonium

A man assembling a PVC-U window in a factory

When Seal-Lite’s profile supply company couldn’t keep up with the pandemic supply-chain pandemonium, the co-owners turned to Aluplast to secure their business – and their sanity in the process.

MD Chris Shearn says: “After the first lockdown, delivery dates were getting pushed back – often on the day of delivery – and when they eventually arrived, they were missing key elements, such as trims, so we couldn’t complete our orders.

“Supply went off a cliff. It was driving us mad.

“We had a full order book – yet  we were seriously getting our ears chewed off by our customers.”


Pre-emptive action

Jim Shearn takes up the story: “We had already been told that the system we were on was going to be withdrawn from the market, so we had started to look at options. In June 2020, we decided to switch to Aluplast.

“We spoke to Aluplast’s owner in the UK, Keith White and we explained the situation we were in. He initially agreed to help us with the ancillary products but we quickly decided to switch over wholesale. Within three weeks we were completely up and running on aluplast.”

Chris Shearn adds: “They acted very quickly, and between the UK and Poland they saved our sanity. I don’t think we can overstate that.”



Seal-Lite now produces frames in the Ideal 70 system, which can achieve a WER of A+ with standard components. The firm has also extended its range with a flush casement, which opens up opportunities in both heritage and contemporary applications. It is compatible with the Ideal 70 and Ideal 4000 systems.

The fabricator also has access to aluplast’s range of 40 foil finishes, including the next generation Woodec and Aludec foils.

Picture: Seal-Lite now produces frames in the Aluplast Ideal 70 system.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th March 2022


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