A Proper Yorkshire Brew

Rehau trade fabricator Euroglaze has brewed up a proper arrangement with Yorkshire Specialist Coatings to offer customers a bespoke colouring service on everything from finished frames to trickle vents.

Located on the same Barnsley industrial estate as Euroglaze and jointly run by Rob Hall who spent 15 years at Euroglaze as an installer, surveyor and then commercial manager, Yorkshire Specialist Coatings (YSC) claims it offers the kind of service which only comes from having spent time working at a fabrication company.


 “At YSC we focus on solving all the niggly problems which used to frustrate me about coating services when I was on the other side of the fence”

– Rob Hall 

Director, Yorkshire Specialist Coatings


“For instance, we mask off all the gaskets and even the hidden parts of the frame before we spray so that there is never any overspray visible, which can cover all the important references written on the frames,” continues YSC’s Hall. “And we label our products on the packaging, so customers don’t need to unwrap items until they are ready to be fitted.”


Lead times

Because of the close links with YSC and the convenient location, Euroglaze can offer its customers a fast turnaround on sprayed orders and expert advice on how to make the most of the service available. Rosie Brennan, customer service manager at Euroglaze says: “Our partnership with Rob and his team helps us to add real value to our customers. It means, for instance, that even when coloured components and accessories are out of stock from our suppliers, we can get them sprayed to match quickly and easily instead and avoid any delays.

“Yorkshire Specialist Coatings understand the urgency of every order and buys into Euroglaze’s lean manufacturing philosophy, so we can provide a colouring service which is very much an extension of our own offering rather than just a bought-in add-on.”



Hall adds: “We spray around 100 doors and 100 windows a week as well as scores of ancillaries and while the majority of what we do is in various shades of grey, there are some more adventurous door buyers out there and we have seen some pretty vivid orange, yellow, pink and purple composite door choices over recent months.”


National service

As well as working closely with Euroglaze, YSC also provides a nationwide colour spraying service to other fabricators and offers a fast turnaround delivery and collection service to companies throughout the Yorkshire region.

Picture: Yorkshire Specialist Coatings offers Euroglaze a bespoke local colouring service and also offers this service nationwide.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st November 2022


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