Looking Back To Look Forward

Purplex MD, Andrew Scott, tells the history of the company and the marketing strategies he follows to help businesses achieve sustainable, long-term growth and resilience to the challenges that the rest of 2024 will bring.

Many companies in the industry have been and still are, run by owner managers. What we saw back when I was running window businesses was a lot of dedication and a great deal of passion but also a high failure rate.

In a lonely place

Those owner managers had a great deal of knowledge about the product and many were skilled salespeople, yet they did not have access to good business partners or advisors to help with their overall strategy.

Running a business can be a lonely place. So when I decided I wanted to head in a different direction, I chose the opportunity to pass on some of my own knowledge. I launched Purplex to offer practical, hands-on advice tailored to the needs of fabricators and installers.



From my early client interactions, it became apparent that the biggest problem my clients and potential clients faced was marketing. Fabricators knew how to make a good window and installers knew how to fit it, however, building their brand and generating leads was a different ball game. Purplex came into being to offer marketing solutions backed with industry know-how.


Full service

Over 20 years, Puplex has developed into a full-service agency. We now have over 100 fulltime staff and offer our clients campaigns that encompasses everything from planning to execution.

Our associate company, Insight Data, gives clients access to mailing data which is constantly updated in real time. The data includes financial information about the subjects, thus taking the guesswork out of taking on new clients.


Planning for the future

For two decades, our core principles have been to establish the purpose, plan and execute the campaign. However, the marketing landscape has changed drastically and the rule book will inevitably change again in 2024.

In the last year alone, artificial intelligence has redefined the way we look at content creation, while areas such as marketing automation and influencer-marketing continue to become more prevalent. From a Purplex perspective, our finger is fully on the pulse. We always react to any new developments, quickly filtering the benefits across to our clients.


Happy New Year

On a personal note, I’ve been working on new ideas and marketing models to guarantee that we can support our clients through 2024. So, while the economic outlook looks bleak, let’s not let it deter us from taking advantage of the fresh start that a brand-new year brings. I’m excited for the challenges that lie ahead and look forward to partnering with business to help them navigate the evolving marketing landscape.


Picture: Andrew Scott.



Article written by John Roper
11th February 2024


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